Client Recruitment #ALoveLetter

Dear Future Client  – Life is about to get exciting. Have you ever dreamed about, wished for and fantasized about a passion project? Something your heart and spirit just cannot stop thinking about. Something you’d like to create, that’ll leave your mark in society. Good news, your girl is here to make your dreams come […]

To Mix & Mingle #BrandBeers

We are out here and out here in numbers. I had the pleasure of joining my fellow #VegasCreatives for the American Advertising Federation’s monthly mixer #BrandBeers at Bandito Latin Kitchen & Cantina. It’s such a delight to spend quality time with like minded people. I was never really into the idea of networking before. Don’t […]

@StubHub / #FestivalPro are you ready for me?

Music.Moments.Memories. I experienced my first ever music festival in the fall of 2014 with the Life Is Beautiful Festival in Downtown Las Vegas, home of the most badass people in the U.S. (just saying). I’m ecstatic about this contest to give one lucky person the opportunity of a lifetime. I’m not going to lie, winning […]

Viva Las Advertising – #TheCosmopolitanLV

Advertising is such a powerful tool for businesses to showcase their products // services in unique ways that encourage specific action. It’s a challenge finding the right message // creative along with the appropriate marketing channel to capture the consumer’s attention long enough to get the desired outcome. Whatever that desired outcome might be. I’ve always been intrigued with what […]

The EMRG Theory

I’ve always been fascinated by people’s journey, those who have become successful and those who have failed miserably. How did they get there, what path did they take that led them in the right and/or wrong direction?  I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not simply the end result as many of us focus our energy on moreover […]